Farmers Market Feast

Two of our favorite things are eating and exploring. So, we were pretty excited for this week’s pick… Visit a Farmer’s Market, and cook what we buy!

Every Saturday morning, local farmers, artisans, and other vendors make their way to an area on the outskirts of Phoenix that we never knew existed: The Phoenix Public Market. Our first attempt at hunting down this treasure led us to a gravel lot in an apartment complex (thank you OnStar). But, just around the corner, and another corner, and two more, we struck gold!

The open-air market is situated in an urban, revitalized area of town, and draws all sorts of people, including a spirited older gentleman who fervently sold us his jalepeno pickled relish. The night before, our friends tipped us off to Maya’s Farm, a fresh selection of colorful produce at the center of the venue.


We picked out fresh Basil, figs, and flowers, then moved on to find handmade pasta, salsa, and almond brittle through other vendors. Oh – and did we mention all the free samples??

At home, we found a pesto recipe for our fresh basil, then cooked up our tomato and garlic pasta, garnished with sun-dried tomatoes, and raised our wine glasses to another successful week!


For Your Bucket:

Location: 14 E. Pierce, Phoenix, AZ
Cost: Free to enter (don’t shop hungry!)

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