Lake and Lunch

Arizona has a shortage of ocean-front property. Our closest ocean is in Mexico, and with the exception of the instant floods in monsoon season, our beach days really mean lake days. So, when we picked “visit an Arizona beach” last Sunday, we knew just where to go.

Lake Pleasant is the largest lake in the Phoenix area, and only about 40 minutes from home. For a desert, we expected sandier beaches.

But, rocks and all, it really is a great place to swim, rent a boat, camp, or hang out for a day by the water.

For a $6 full-day entry fee, we entered the park and explored the waterfront. Scorpion Bay is home to a pretty large marina, and the views from the picnic tables are unbeatable.

So, not quite your typical beach experience, but a great morning in the west valley!

For Your Bucket:

Location: Peoria, AZ
Cost: $6 single day permit


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Kathleen Ronzio (2783 days ago)

interesting that the beach area is rocks and not sand in the desert. But a great pic of Lianne :-)
Looks pretty

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