Donut Try This at Home

This week, we picked, “Eat Donuts at Just about Every Time of Day All Week”. Actually, we picked “Make Homemade Donuts”, but we might as well have picked the first one. Earlier this year, we got a donut pan at Sur La Table (impulse buy), so when we started Sunday Bucket, we knew this had to be on the list!

Real donuts are deep fried in industrial kitchens. Note: If you are the owner of an industrial kitchen or deep fryer, give us a call, and we’d love to try this over. But, the way to do it at home is a little simpler. We picked a recipe for a Cinnamon Apple Cider variety, and started by mixing all of the ingredients, first in a bowl, and then in a mixer.

We poured the mixture into a greased donut pan, and baked for 7-8 minutes. Then, we let the donuts cool a bit, brushed them with butter, and rolled them in Cinnamon Sugar (delicious, as is anything that’s brushed with butter and rolled with Cinnamon Sugar). Maybe next week we should pick “Exercise”.

For Your Bucket:
Cost: $11 for Donut Pan
Recipe: Adapted from here

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