Host a Murder Mystery

We arrived at a friend’s beautiful hawaiian property for a private birthday party, only to find that he had been murdered earlier that day. It sounds like a horrible night, but this scene was set to kick off a murder mystery dinner instead (no real murder involved).

Years ago, we had a few murder mystery dinners with friends, and we’ve always wanted to do it again! So, we made sure to put this slip in our Sunday Bucket. And, after a few weeks of coordinating (some slips aren’t as easy to complete in just a week), we made it happen!

6 other suspects joined us for a luau themed evening at our apartment, complete with hawaiian inspired appetizers, drinks, and even decor, graciously provided by AZ based Creative Occasions. The main event was narrated by a CD that came with the game. Each guest is given a character and a script, and as the night plays out, the story comes together. By the end of the night, everyone guesses who the murderer is. But, the real fun is dressing up, getting together with friends, and doing your best to stay in character (especially when you sport a grass skirt).

To commemorate the night, Lianne made the video below. Check it out, and if you host your own dinner, feel free to invite us!

For Your Bucket:

Game: $17 on Amazon
Food & Drinks: $60


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CeCe (4252 days ago)

What a fun idea, I have been to a murder mystery but it wasn’t as fun as this! I love how everyone dressed up. I might have to buy this game!

    cronzio (4252 days ago)

    Definitely, it’s worth the investment! The same company makes a few other fun themes, so we might make this an annual tradition :)

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