Make Homemade Ravioli

Ah, the trials and tribulations of homemade ravioli.

For best results, wear a cute apron.

We’ve always talked about wanting to make homemade ravioli, but never got around to it. An experiment with Gnocchi (a long experiment) last year made it seem like maybe our Ravioli dreams would never be fulfilled. But, thanks to our Sunday Bucket, we put together a pretty nice dinner in about 25 minutes.

First, we got a recipe for Olive and Artichoke ravioli (Chris can’t have dairy, so eating Ravioli to him is like a dog riding a bike… possible, but few and far between). Here’s the link to the recipe.

Lianne made the filling with a food processor (3 mins), then prepped the dough. The dough needs to be rolled really thin, so for lack of better muscles, Chris put in some elbow grease. We didn’t exactly go old-world-Italy on this one. Instead, we used a Ravioli tray, borrowed from a friend. If you’re following along, after laying down the dough, scoop the filling into each part of the tray, and then cover with a second layer of dough.

Important! Don’t over-stuff. A couple of our raviolis looked like hippos after a gastric bypass.

Last, roll over the tray with a rolling pin,  pick the cut raviolis out one at a time, and stick them in boiling water until they float.

We used a pretty simple sauce; olive oil, fresh tomato, parsley, garlic, and roasted pine nuts. Cracked open a bottle of wine and Buon Appetito! It wasn’t as hard as expected, and we’d definitely do this again. Happy cooking!



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Russ Perry (3717 days ago)

Looking forward to more!

Marianne (3716 days ago)

Nice apron! and Ravioli maker. :-)

CeCe (3716 days ago)

Can’t wait to read more…I agree a cute apron is a must.

Mom and Dad (3715 days ago)

You’ve come a long way from Spaghetti O’s!!
Can’t wait to see more!

Kathleen Ronzio (3702 days ago)

The ravioli dish looks amazing. Good Job!!

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