Reenact Childhood

We don’t usually need a nudge to act like children, but when we picked “Reenact Childhood” from the Sunday Bucket last week, we went all out. Day after day activities.¬†Hanukkah¬†style.

Brainstorming commenced immediately! I guess this wouldn’t be fun if you had a horrible childhood, but fortunately Lianne and I had very tame, innocent upbringings generously sprinkled with blanket forts, coloring in the lines, and disney movies.

Above, Lianne didn’t waste much time hopping in the car to pick up some childhood supplies. She came home weilding boxes of Crayola markers, apple sauce, DVDs (discs with movies on them, future-readers), and those little capsules that grow into foam animals when soaked in water.

After coloring and dinner, we watched Blank Check, and reminisced about the days when Sinbad was relevant. Later in the week, we headed to the hot tub for what looked like the craziest party ever, but turned out to be as innocent and fun as our childhoods.

We grew up too fast, so maybe we’ll make a ritual out of the “hot tub time machine”.

For Your Bucket:

Cost: $2 for Foam Animals

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