Game Night with Friends

Everyone needs a little play time. The fun thing about games, whether you watch them on TV, play them with a team, or set them up in your living room, is that they add a little excitement and uncertainty to a monotonous day at work. And, they give you a reason to get together with friends.

We haven’t had a game night in a while. Early in childhood, game nights usually ended with crying (because I lost), or wet pants (because I was too competitive to stop for a bathroom break). As adults, they’re much more fun!

This week, our friends hosted a game night for the first edition of what we hope to become a monthly tradition. We played Taboo, the game where you illiterately bumble through a description of a keyword without saying a handful of obvious descriptors. Guys vs. Girls. Appetizers, drinks, and lot more fun than sitting on the couch!

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Kathleen Ronzio (4281 days ago)

We LOVE Sunday Bucket ~such a fun idea!!! Sunday bucket in “Frankinstorm” Eggs Benedict and Pumpkin Spice Martinis. Chicken soup on the stove and Patriots Football. We are on the front line of hurricane Sandy. Have fun, be safe!!

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